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CPD Portal is a powerful, feature rich, easy to use platorm. At its core is an intuitive CPD management & booking application.The platform allows you to create and manage CPD events, build a Professional Support Directory and construct Professional Learning Communities based around an individual's CPD engagement.The Portal brings together everything you you to create and deliver CPD programmes across your School, Teaching School, Teaching School Alliance, Federation or MAT.

CPD Portal offers a range of school improvement support architecture through its innovative use of technology to develope and promote collaboration. With a track record of bringing about school improvement through the application of technology, we are able draw on a wealth of current expertise and experience within education.

If your school is facing challenging circumstances, we can work with you to identify appropriate strategies or interventions for success.


Promote and Manage CPD from one place 

CPD opportunities and provision across a group of schools can be accessed from one place. Promoting events can be challenging; through the Portal, schools benefit from being part of something much bigger allowing them to increase their profile as a CPD provider through a self-improving system.

Schools benefit from an easy way to administer their CPD provision, reducing their overheads, saving time, resources and most importantly allowing them to develop capacity in the administration of events. Spend less time administering events and more time marketing them.

Link Leaders with Learners 

School Leaders often work beyond  beyond their own school or setting. Increasingly, school-to-school-support is co-ordinated by a teaching school, as they can draw upon a range of system leaders and partners to provide a comprehensive support package individually tailored to the school in need of support. The Portal provides the architecture to allow schools to list their system leaders and connect them with where there is need. 

The Portal provides the architecture to allow schools to list their system leaders and connect them with where there is need. 

Extend Collaboration 

A Professional Learning Community (PLC) is a group of educators that meets regularly, shares expertise, and works collaboratively to improve teaching skills, the curriculum offer and the academic performance of pupils.

The Portal supports the development of  PLCs complementing the current move to a self-improving system, provifing opportunities for individuals to network thei ‘thinking’ across and between schools, subject areas or specialisms and phases. Our platform provides the functioanlity to create and maintain PLCs around individual CPD attendance.

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From onboarding, to quick tips and strategic advice, you can count on our support. We offer real-time chat and a host of advisory services to ensure you enjoy the full potential of CPD Portal.

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Other Products & Services

In addition to CPD Portal we provide a range of services and products to support and enhance an organisation's business processes. We aim to provide affordable, intuitive, adaptable and easy-to-use technology.

Our Services include: 

  1. System Development & Solutioning
  2. Consultancy
  3. Bespoke Training and Support
  4. Business Workflow Automation
  5. Business Intelligence
  6. Data Security and Management
  7. Content Management

Please contact us in you would like to discuss our other products and services.

We aim to provide affordable, intuitive, adaptable and easy-to-use technology

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