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The Portal delivers a single platform for schools across the South West of England, providing school-led CPD and aligned system support. Its aim is to create improved and sustainable system leader alignment to the needs of the South West region, building the capacity to support targeted school improvement. The Portal provides the collaborative architecture underpinning Team SW's 'interim regional framework for school improvement’.

The Portal now provides a single point of access for regional improvement news, CPD and system leader support. With over 92% of Teaching Schools across the region now using the Portal to promote and manage their CPD Programmes. Through it users can access an extensive selection of school-led training and continuing professional development from a range of providers across the South West of England.

With over 10 000 users, 2000 CPD Programmes and workshops and a million hits, the Portal is quickly becoming the 'go to' place for all things to do with school improvement across the South West England.

As well as Teaching Schools, the Portal is also open to other organisations to promote their CPD, for example Dioceses, Local Athorities and MATs

How does the Portal Support School-School Collaboration and School Improvement?

Through the Portal school leaders, system leaders and educators can find:

mapped eventsCPD: 

Find and Access CPD from a ‘one stop shop’ for school leaders and educators. Users can search for CPD by regional improvement theme, category as well as viewing the CPD available an area by a postcode search. The Portal can also provide a spatial view of the CPD available in an area.

Organisations can gather critical intelligence on the type of CPD opportunities available in an area/region before planning their CPD offer thus reducing duplication and therefore delivering the CPD users need. Using this ‘intelligence’ organisations have been able to collaboratively plan and deliver CPD through the targeted use of resources and expertise within their organisations.


Users can access a System Leader Directory through which schools seeking support can easily make links and connections to system expertise. For example find an NLE, Governance Support or an SLE in an area.

The Directory is community sourced and managed to ensure an up to date system leader offer. It provides an enquiry workflow where users can make contact with a System Leader (or named contact) in their area.  With over 800 system leaders now listed, the directory is the place to find aligned system leader support across SW England. 


Through the CPD Portal the necessary architecture has been developed to promote wider collaboration throughout the a region. Users are able to engage with professional learning communities as well as building communities through it. This consists of an online environment allowing live chat between users on a range of school improvement themes as well as community discussion topics.

plcsGiven the challenges of travelling across such a geographically spread region as SW England, users are able to engage with their peers through an online environment, saving time and reducing travel costs. As well as permanent communities, the Portal also supports time based community discussions linked to a specific CPD event, continuing professional dialogues after an event.   



The North Avon Teaching School Alliance (part of the Olympus Trust) supports primary, micro sitesecondary and special schools in, and beyond, South Gloucestershire. Bradley Stoke Community School was accredited as a teaching school in 2017, leading to the formation of the North Avon Teaching School Allliance (NATSA). 

NATSA had the requirement as a Teaching School Alliance for a site to promote and more importantly manage their CPD programmes. The Portal provides an end-to-end solution for organisations to manage their CPD from promotion to invoicing. As well as the management of CPD, the Portal also provides ‘CPD Providers’ with  critical intelligence regarding the CPD users are searching for and the CPD they can’t find, allowing ‘Providers’ to develop CPD to meet the needs of their communities.

In addition to NATSA's requirement for a booking platorm, they also needed a website for the alliance. They could have commissioned a new website with a third party web design company, but instead decided to use the Portal's 'Micro Site' feature. Each Provider can develop their own promotional site within the Portal's architecture, saving them money and time. 

Some of the organisations benefitting from CPD Portal membership:

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We aim to provide affordable, intuitive, adaptable and easy-to-use technology

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